Spring Roast Lamb Video Tutorial

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Well a lot of people are talking about cooking with the seasons at the moment and i thought what better way to usher in Spring than cook a lovely whole leg of roasted lamb. I've show you how to make incisions into the meat and stuff it with a lovely pine nut, garlic and herb stuffing! As i write this i can still taste it in my mouth and i think lamb is my new favourite meat, it was just so juicy and tender!!

Now to cook it simply place it in the oven at 200/380
For medium rare(bloody in the centre pink on the edges) 45 minutes in the oven
For Medium(Pink all the way through) 55 minutes in the oven
Well Done (cooked all the way through) 70 mintues in the oven

I find the best bet is to leave it in for 55 minutes and there will be a nice well done piece on the outside and a rare piece in the middle, something for everyone. Now before you all start screaming at me that legs of lamb are different sizes and that this is not a correct techique let me explain myself. iFoods is about teaching people and giving them the confidence to try new things. This is the method i use and it never fails for me, i may be a chef and know a bit more than the regular joe but stick with this and you'll be on to a winner i promise!!

I have only shown you the meat here on purpose as i want you to have the confidence to cook meat properly. The side dishes are up to you but here are some options

Slice the meat into some beautiful sandwiches
Make a roast dinner with roast potatoes, veg and gravy
Cous cous and grilled veg
Sliced with some greek salad

The possibilites are endless

1 average leg of lamb
6 garlic cloves
3 sprigs thyme
3 sprigs rosemary
100ml/1 cup olive oil
1 cup Pine nuts
salt and pepper


Amy said...

Bonjour Niall, Beautiful site! Love the videos...and by the way...you're not so bad yourself! Bisous, Ms. Glaze

JP said...

Just a small tip, filming in your freezer is incredibly annoying. I have my computer hooked up to a semi-decent set of speakers, and the low hum from the freezer through a subwoofer is headache inducing, and drowns out your voice. I have to turn to bass all the way down to listen.

Private Chef said...

cheers for that tip jp. Luckily we start filming professionally within the next month so good sound along with good editing, porduction etc will be a give then! Thanks for the patience

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