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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Well as you can see from the clock ticking on the right it is withing 2 weeks of iFoods going pro now with our profesional film crew and slick new website! We already have 90 of our 100 recipes but we thought that we would leave the last 10 up to you guys, after all it is you guys that are going to be cooking them! So i want you to put your thinking caps on and start e mailing me or leaving comments below to choose which recipes it is that you want to see me cooking!

Other good news is that we have selected our location for filming and we are proud to announce that we will be cooking in the beautiful Castle Leslie in Ireland. There really is no better place we could have foud with it's beutiful setting and fantastic organic gardens. You'll also be able to follow filming here with daily video posts of what is happening and how the cooking is going! It really is going to be a great adventure!

So get your best recipes dusted off and start thinking of what you would like to see me cooking in Castle Leslie! I can't wait!!


El Queso Grande said...

Bangers & Mash!

(Just kidding.)

I'd love to see how to make paella the right way. I'm stuck eating this at hit-or-miss restaurants when I would really like to make it at home.

Another area to explore would be soups. For some reason, I have been avoiding making some of the basics and would love to learn how to make them from scratch correctly. Tomato (basil tomato actually), chicken noodle and others.

Thanks again for sharing your talent and good luck on the new site. I'll be following you over there.

Zach Leech said...

I think a chicken curry would be nice .

Kyle Saric said...

I'd love to see how to make a home made pizza!! Also, as above mentioned a curry (either chicken or any other meat) would be nice. Maybe some more grilling since summer is coming up.. And maybe some nice cake or something! Carrot cake or chocolate cake is always nice..

Tyler said...

I would love to see a dish cooked that would allow you to demonstrate proper and different knife techniques. With summer approaching us in the US, some great summer salads or side dishes to accompany our perfectly cooked steaks. Thanks for all the effort in one of my favorite sites on the internet!

Clinton said...

How about some interesting bbq sauces/marinades to use on the grill?
Also how to make some nice asperagus... i usually steam...

Zorba said...

I'd love to see some guides to making pasta's, preferably some sort of a ravioli, however any pasta in general would be great to see. I'll also second that fresh pizza idea.

One genera that you haven't gotten to is deserts and hopefully that is included in your list of 90. If not please consider pretty much anything that includes chocolate in it be it truffles, chocolate mousse, or french silk pie.

On a sorta side note, even if you don't mention it in the video it would be nice to see some english conversions from the metric quantities somewhere in the writeup for those of us living in the US (although I wish we would go to the metric system).

I love iFoods and I hope everything goes smoothly with the switch to your new site, Thanks.

Xida said...

how about a paella? i can never get the rice right

Edward said...

How about a good potato soup, I've always loved it but making it has never worked out that well.

jhny said...

just a few suggestions.

1. bbq ribs (with different marinades and bbq sauce)
2. Mexican food (tacos, burrittos, etc...)
3. salad (i only know how to make garden salad)
4. clambake
5. different ways to prepare shellfish

thanks for sharing your recipes. tried a few myself they taste good. best of luck to you.

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