The countdown is on!!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm very happy to announce that after a huge amount of hard work and months of planning the brand new will be launching on the 25th July! The good news is that it will be a "soft launch" which means that it will be very limited and what is even better is that it will be limited to friends, family and readers of this blog! We will run with it in this Beta format for a week before unleashing it to the general public! That means that you will all be able to point out the little things that need changing and give your opinion on it all!

The whole process has taken a lot longer than expected but i guess that is always the way when starting up a new venture! What i can say is that the new videos look amazing and the backdrop of the castle does give them an extra dimension.

We are also in discussions with several major distributors to have ifoods broadcast to a much bigger audience. These really are exciting times and you can be sure that after a period of inactivity you will all be very busy in your kitchens again soon. See you all on ifoods on the 25th!!


Brian said...

Glad to see an update here; can't wait for the new site to go live!

Peter Gosse said...

Can't wait for the new site! How would one signup for the beta?

jhny said...

at last an update! cant wait to see the new site... how do you gain access to it?

Private Chef said...

For all of you worried about access dont worry, simply go to on the 25th July. We are having a soft launch which means we will not promote it and leave it to you readers to find any significant problems over the first week or so! Thanks for all the patience and look forward to seeing you there!

Duarte said...

Very good news

Counting the days

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