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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Oh it's just so so busy here at iFoods in the days running up to the exciting launch of our Pro site. We thought we would Whet your appetite and release the names of the first 80 dishes you'll be able to cook! Pick out the ones you like the look of and let us know which one you'll be cooking first!!!

1.Peeling a tomato, Blanching and chopping vegetables
2.Preparing onions, mangoes and mushrooms
2. Eggs Benedict
3. Omelette and scrambled eggs
4. Home made Muesli
5. Grilled lamb chops
6. Barbecued candied pork
7. BBQ beef fajitas
8. The perfect Burger
9. Marinated baby ribs
10. BBQ T-bone steak
11. Zesty marinated BBQ chicken legs
12. BBQ Beer can chicken
13. Home made breads
14. Focaccia bread
15. Flat breads
16. Classic pizza
17. Pecan Pie
18. Belgian Chocolate mousse
19. NY style cheese cake
20. Traditional apple pie

21. Home made custard
22. Chocolate brownies
23. A simple birthday cake
24. Yummy berry smoothie
25. Raspberry muffins
26. Strawberry sabayon
27. Caramelized Apple cake
28. Oatmeal cookies
29. Char grilled Pineapple with chilli and vanilla syrup and vanilla ice cream
30. The never fail Soufflé
31. Banana milk shake and home made lemonade
32. Peanut butter cookies
33. Texas BBQ sauce
34. Mayonnaise and vinaigrette for fish
35. Salt grilling a whole fish
36. 10 minute crab cakes
37. Grilled swordfish with mango salsa
38. Japanese Pizza, Okonomiyaki
39. Grilled fish tacos
40. Classic Belgian mussels

41. Japanese crispy fried oysters
42. Shrimp with garlic and parsley
43. Perfect fish and chips
44. Broiled salmon scaloppini with marinated tomatoes
45. Cod with panko and wasabi crust
46. Smoked salmon hash with new potatoes and fennel
47. Home made crispy crab cracker
48. Pan seared salmon with new potatoes and asparagus
49. iFoods ironed stuffed tortilla
50. Beef tacos
51. Stir fried pork with ginger
52. Thai grilled beef salad
53. Chicken enchilada with red salsa
54. Butter milk fried chicken
55. Oven roasted chicken with roasted vegetables
56. Steak teriyaki
57. Japanese fried chicken
58. Korean beef BBQ
59. Sunday family roast dinner
60. The perfect steak

61. Irish stew
62. Beef stew with traditional Belgian beers
63. Beef curry
64. Sauer Kraut
65. Linguini with pesto
66. Spaghetti Bolognese
67. Spaghetti with uncooked tomato sauce
68. Path Thai
69. Tagliatelle with smoked salmon and whiskey
70. Mac and cheese
71. Lasagne with spinach
72. Basic white risotto
73. Paella
74. Fried rice
75. Young spinach salad with crispy bacon and smoked salmon
76. Oriental coleslaw
77. Texas potato salad
78. Mexican style corn salad
79. Salad Nicoise
80. Caesar salad


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