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Monday, September 10, 2007

Well folks a lot has been happening here at iFoods since our launch 3 weeks ago and as promised we have some very exciting news. We are very happy to announce that we have agreed sponsorship with a company and what makes it so exciting for you website visitors is that everything on iFoods will now be free to view! Yes FREE. No more having to subscribe for some videos, it means that every single time you feel like cooking you will have the choice of a hundred recipes and unlike cookbooks or some other sites it will all be free! This was always our intention and now that we have the right partner to help us with this we are extremely happy and so glad that you can all benefit from it! This comes into effect tomorrow and we hope you’ll all be there cooking the unlocked recipes! Enjoy!


dolla said...

Good move man.

honestly, the subscription put me off and i was no longer following.

Not denying it has value, but i, as others, have to choose what to spend money on.

Congrats on the sponsorship, i look fwd to your posts.

frank said...

awesome. i'm with dolla, i love you, man, but i cant cough up a monthly fee. congrats on the new arrangement and keep up the enthusiasm and great content!

recipe finder said...

i'm so glad you now have a sponsor. that's awesome!

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