Friday, October 5, 2007

Well what’s been happening here at for the last couple of weeks, well quite a lot actually. We are happy to announce that the user foodwishes has won our first ever monthly brownie points competition. Check out his personal web page here He now has the luxury of being called the iFoods user of the month and is also the proud winner of $150! The competition was pretty hot towards the end but he just got over the finish line first. Don’t forget that the latest instalment of the competition has just started again and the prizes will be handed out again at the end of every month.

We also hope than you are all enjoying the fact that all iFoods videos are now still free as well and just to keep the good news rolling we are happy to let you all know that we are filming our current set of videos in a beautiful penthouse apartment in London. This next batch of videos are packed full of Xmas and thanksgiving treats which feel weird to be cooking in September but you will certainly benefit from them over the coming months.
So hope you are all enjoying and hopefully we can take it to an even wider audience over the coming months!


Check out this funny video of ramsey getting slapped!

2 comments: said...

Fair Play Niall - Really enjoying the videos so far, it's great to see how things really come together and it's nice to get all of the visual cues and little tips to how things should be cooked.

Parley said...

Recently i gift a food basket to my friend,purchased from store at with good discounted price..

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