More Exciting developpments

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

We are very happy to let you all know that we have been busy working behind the scenes here on iFoods and there are a few interesting new developments that we are super excited to announce. The first is that over the last few months we have been in negotiations with exciting new internet TV channel Joost and we are happy to announce we will be launching iFoods on Joost next week.
Joost has been created by the founders of Skype and Kazza and is seen as the perfect way of merging conventional TV with the internet!

Today was pretty exciting as we had to make a funky intro to be used on Joost and this involved standing for hours infront of a green screen which is basically the technology they use to make Star Wars and Lord of The Rings.
We should end up with a really funky intro which we will be unveiling at the end of the week.

Watch out in the next couple of days for some more very exciting developments here on iFoods.


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