Teppanyaki. Fun but messy!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I was talking to a couple of friends the other night and we wanted to eat somewhere different so we choose a teppanyaki restaurant here in Dublin(the one above Kielys in Donnybrook for you Irish readers). I was a teppanyaki virgin and I must say found the experience very exciting with a couple of fundamental flaws. The whole spectacle was very exciting but we got stuck at a large table with a group of drunkards on an office party so a big factor is who you share the table with, which on this occasion happened to be a bunch of messy office workers on their annual night out! The food was good and very tasty but i found that it came in tiny installments which can often be a good thing but on this occasion led us to being there for 3 hours and drinking 3 bottles of wine which i suppose is a crucial part of the proprietors business plan!

The last problem we had was that we were at a large table which necessitated 2 chefs and although one was plying his trade in an expert manner working with flames that would be classed bushfires elsewhere we were lumbered with a chap who was quite clearly still learning his trade. His party piece was shovelling potatoes around the grill with about as much grace as a hot dog vendor scrapes onions into your bun on a street corner.
All in all a great food experience and a good night out but not something you would end up doing every weekend.


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