Two new iFoods stars are born

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Well after filming 130 videos on my own its time to introduce a couple of new faces to iFoods and you will be happy to know that they have a wealth of food related expertise to hopefully pass on to you all. So without further ado I present to you two culinary experts who are both at the head of their respective fields....

Jack with Superstar chef Heston Blumenthal
Jack O'shea

Jack is a well known butcher who will be guiding all the iFoods users through a series of butchery lessons over the coming months. He is a good personal friend if mine and rather than give him a big head by singing his praises here is what the Guardian had to say about him when they named him in their recent magazine when they named him 3rd best meat supllier in the UK....

Since this dashing former racehorse trainer opened his UK shop last year he has been snapped up as a supplier to Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck restaurant, and has even been seen lurking in Heston's new 'anorak' cooking series - so the beef should be good. And it is. Extraordinarily tender, 'bone-aged' Black Angus beef from Ireland, slaughtered at O'Shea's family abattoir. You can see the sides of beef hanging as you enter the shop and even demand extra time for that deep, deep flavour. Seaweed-fed Orkney lamb, organic and rare-breed pork, free-range and organic chickens, wild game and wagyu beef also available. Jack O'Shea, who also has a shop in Brussels, cuts meat the continental way - ask for unusual steak cuts for quick grilling including beef bavette, beef onglet and lamb pavé.

We start the series with 4 fantastic videos on deboning a leg of lamb and all the great secret hidden cuts you can find on the leg. We will be filming a whole range of butchery series over the coming months with Jack.

Pieter Plaetinck
Pieter has been with us for 6 months designing the recipes so we deceided to throw him in front of the camera and see how he got on! Having a small child he is obsessed with healthy food for babies so comes in to help share some of that knowledge. Read more about Pieter's background here and see one of his baby videos here.
Hope you all enjoy the new videos, comments are always welcome!


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