A sexy new companion!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I realise that this is a food blog and that this is probably totally irrelevant to the regular readers but i just have to share it with you! I recently was lucky enough to get an iPod touch and i have to say it is to techies what butter is to a true foodie! I think it is singularly the coolest thing I have ever owned and if i had a choice between the iPod and my mother i'd have a tough choice choosing but after discovering some new functions today i reckon the iPod just about shades it!

The thing is like me you will not understand or be prepared for the user experience until you actually get one in your hands! You will read this and shrug it off but I guarantee when you do get your own you will look back on this post and understand what i am saying! So go without booze this week, cut back on the kids dinners or steal from your granny, basically do whatever it takes to get one, you will not be disappointed!


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