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Sunday, February 3, 2008

The biggest problem that many people like me how live on their own is what to eat at night. Now you would assume that being a chef I would be cooking up a storm every night but the reality is that takeaway food is often the most realistic option. The biggest problem I have with takeaway options here in Ireland is that the choice is limited to Pizza, Indian or Chinese, it really doesn't stretch any further than that! The Irish food scene has come a long way in the last ten years but sadly the standard of food delivered to your door has lagged way behind the standard of other modern cities. Takeaway is a way of life in many big cities but unlike Ireland there is a huge variety and particular emphasis being placed on healthy options. There really is a massive gap in the market here in Ireland which I hope entrepreneurs start to exploit but until then here are my thoughts on some of the options we currently have...

The Bombay pantry has been around for some time and its reputation along with the number of stores are growing rapidly. Very good standard of food with only drawback being often slow delivery. Head and shoulders above the rest of Indian Food in Ireland.

Le Diep has long been a famous restaurant in Dublin but their big success has come with the opening of their takeaway and delivery service from Ranelagh. Mostly Thai food with nice packaging and wonderful choice. Only drawback is the popularity of the place and extremly high prices!

Four star have been around for some time and the only reason they are on this list is because I like them when I am pigging out and drinking beer! So different from the real traditional pizza you would find in Italy and not exactly a gourmet meal but it is always cheap, always on time and never lets you down!

The sad thing is that in a city of over a million people I have had to think really hard to find 2 examples to review here. We deserve better here in Ireland and should be able to order fresh, healthy and interesting food from the comfort of our homes! It's a very sad reflection on the Irish food industry and one that I hope will change over the next couple of years.


Deborah said...

I was just thinking about this the other day. I was able to order food online in the states in 1998 when the internet was still a baby. I think the problem is that as a nation we are not very internet savvy. Ever tried to research places outside of Dublin. Next to impossible.

Some other ones to add though. Orchard Organics - will deliver organic food from Antrim. Had one excellent experience, one disastrous. Never heard back after disastrous delivery, so didn't go back.

Lots of organic box schemes in Dublin. Absolutely Organic and Be Organic as well as Monkstown market. Many of them online. Box schemes all over the country, but very few online. Would love to see more move to the online realm, especially given that their target market would most likely be quite internet savvy.

There's also a Spanish wine and tapas company online. Ordered some smoked paprika varieties from them as well as some sherry vinegar. Great products.

Greatfood.ie has also launched an online shop. Not overly impressed myself, sort of gimmicky artisan products I'd rather make myself if I had the use for them, although there are a few gems in there.

Private Chef said...

Well done Deborah I think you have actually given the readers an even bigger insight than the original post! After spending a lot of time in the states like yourself i just feel so let down here! Internet is defo the way forward but i really think people in this country are a bit wary of it! Am sure it will all change with time!

lorraine@italianfoodies said...

We started a delivery service a couple of years back but it didn't take off at all so we just went back to pick up!!! In saying that I never get delivery myself, I always go to collect it!!! Maybe it's a Limerick thing:)

Margaret said...

I use an organic box delivery service in Dublin called Home Organics. www.homeorganics.ie. They will do bespoke boxes and also do eggs and organic cleaning products. I like the quality of the produce but you have to eat in a lot. They do provide a recipe service

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