Marco Pierre White Interview

Friday, February 8, 2008

Ask any household cook who their favourite chef is and the same old names will pop up; Jamie, Gordon etc etc but ask professional chefs and one of the names you will hear most often is Marco Pierre White. Some readers will remember him from the recent series of Hell's Kitchen but to be honest that is best forgotten as his best work was done where it should be by all chefs and that is behind the stove. He achieved his career zenith at 33 by being awarded 3 prestigious Michelin stars. However it wasn't just the Michelin guide who were taking notice but also the whole generation of budding chefs (including myself) who had found a new hero! His book white heat is widly regarded as one of the greatest cooking books ever written and so far removed from the glossy mass produced examples that abound these days. If you love food and consider youself a foodie I stronly urge you to buy it and drool in awe at some of his creations. The following video is long at 44 minutes but it gives an excellent and in depth insight into the mind of a true culinary genius. If you grew up with Marco as your hero you will thoroughly enjoy this.


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