World's Best Food Country (4th Place)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

4th Place

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We are starting to get into the front runners now and this is one that could have featured higher but with the level of competition in this contest 4th is not a bad achievement. One of the main factors in choosing the ranking of the countries in this exclusive list is the amount of original dishes and ingredients the individual country has contributed over the years and Spain has certainly shone in that category! Wheter you are talking about chorizo, paella, tapas or saffron there is no doubt that the Spanish know what they are about when it comes to food!
Wheter you are enjoying late night tapas in "Las Ramblas" in Barcelona or deep in the basque country eating a hearty bean stew there is such a depth and variety to Spanish cooking that is just not apparent in other countries. The sort of food that is created in Spain doesn't just come about from a new recipe but instead has grown, been refined and matured over the centuries and the result is a country that is forging ahead in the culinary stakes. Not only do they have what is probably regaded as the world's best restuarant in El Bulli but what appeals to me even more is the wide range of cheap streetside cafe and tapas bars the stretch the length and bredth of the country. God writing this is making me crave for a cold beer and a few plates of tapas!


Sarah said...

Mmmm I'd kill for a plate of patates bravas with a plate of those lil baby squids... YUM!!! I've never been to SA but totally agree with your views on Spain.

Private Chef said...

I agree with the patates bravas. Amazing that they treat even something as simple as potatoes with so much respect! We just lob them in the fryer with some vinegar here!

lorraine@italianfoodies said...

Only been once and really enjoyed it but still didn't compare to the favourite, I wonder where it will rank????

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