Tastespotting clone FoodGawker goes live

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

With the ashes still simmering on the corpse of the much loved Tastespotting site it was inevitable that copies of the site would start popping up within a couple of days and that is exactly what Foodgawker is, a carbon copy of the site whose closure is being mourned around food blogs on the Internet. I applaud the creators of this site for getting the new version up so soon and providing a resource for the many foodies missing their daily hit of "food porn" but I have to admit I am worried.... Tastespotting was clearly taken down due to copyright infringement which is a shame but part of the modern world we live in and although they seem to have flagged in their T&C's that no infringements will be tolerated but although I am unable to compare to tastespotting's T&C's as they no longer exist but I would Imagine they would have covered themselves pretty well. So what worries me is that I can't see what Foodgawker are doing differently and why the big bad lawyers who probably closed down tastespotting won't be knocking on the door over at foodgawker very soon! The second aspect that worries me is that the slighted Tastespotting which is part of the NOTCOT series of designs sites would not take offense themselves are somebody blatantly ripping off their site and profiting from all their hard work. Foodgawker are claiming that they want to provide a refuge for all the poeple missing the original site but also claim a couple of lines later that advertising will have to be displayed in order to cover costs. Fair play to them for getting the site up so quickly but I am pretty sure we haven't seen the end of this one and don't be surprised to see Foodgawker go the same way as the magical tastespotting pretty soon if those lawyers get their claws out again!

Update:Another clone has just been spotted in the form of Newtastings


YumDun said...

thank you for posting this! I loved Tastespotting when I first stumbledupon it. Then Firefox wiped out my bookmarks and I couldn't remember the name! I finally figured it out again just a few days before it was taken down. Yet again, I was heart broken. Glad to see so many others were out there who enjoyed it as well.

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