Tastespotting Is gone!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Something strange has just happened to a website I love and one that’s been becoming very popular for foodies on the net. Tastespotting.com has left the building! I tried to get on there this morning, as I have a look at it at least once a day, and it just had a note posted on it saying ‘Thanks for a great 18 months! In light of recent legal complications, NOTCOT will no longer be operating tastespotting’. I’ve scoured the web to find the legal complications and there are two possibilities being offered:
1.Copyright infringement reasons around the photos used on the website; and strangely
2.Some commenters on blogs are questioning whether it could be down to the mysterious tastespotting stalker
I’ve heard some things in my time but a food blogger stalker?? It’s a crazy dangerous world wide web out there. I would imagine that copyright laws have been violated somewhere along the line and that they published something belonging to a company with big nasty lawyers behind them! As far as clean design and a tool for driving traffic tastespotting was second to none and will hopefully pop up again under under a different name or with their issues solved.
If anyone knows the real reason let me know as I’m really curious as is nearly every foodie who’s ever used it.


knitbugj said...

I have Tastespotting on my RSS reader and couldn't figure out why i wasnt getting anything new. How sad - it was my favorite!

The Mood Food Blog said...

Hey Niall!

You're not alone- can't believe Tastespotting is gone! Kept me entertained everyday!

Stephanie Quilao said...

Ditto! I was totally offline this weekend and when I got back on this morning to go peruse my delicious Tastespotting I was floored. I LOVE that site, and never cry when sites shut down, but this one I got a tissue for. I got lots of traffic to my food blog Noshtopia from Tastespotting. Like you, I'm dying to know the back story.

Foodie said...


Please check out our new site: Foodie Fest at http://foodiefest.tumblr.com

We hope to fill the void left by Tastespotting's absence.

Check us out and spread the news!


Anonymous said...

There's a new site to fill the void. It's called Foodgawker.com. Spread the word and lets hope it takes off like TS!

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