Anyone for a Food Fight?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

While this picture may look like it has been taken from the latest zombie or vampire movie, what you may mistake as blood is in fact tomato juice! Anyone stuck for a holiday destination filled with culture, sun and of course culinary adventure may want to consider Valencia, Spain. What attracted me there (I’m thinking of returning) is the annual Tomatina held in Bunol each year at the end of August. It is a week long festival of music, dancing and food all building up to a paella cooking contest (get a head start with our online paella video recipe) and the largest food fight in the world! Generally not an advocate of wasting food, La Tomatina has to be seen to be believed. Picture 40,000 people let loose on the streets with truckloads of tomatoes to fire at one another. Needless to say it quickly becomes a mess, but it is all in the spirit of fun and there really is a great atmosphere and a great festival.
Everything gets cleaned up and they say the acidity of the tomatoes in fact helps to clean the streets. I would definately recommend it though as I'm sure you can imagine, its not for the faint hearted, anyone afraid of getting a little messy and needless to say anyone who doesn't like tomatoes!
If I've whetted your appetite for tomatoes, be sure to check out our tomato based video recipes here. And if you do happen to make it to this years Tomatina, I hope to see you there!


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