Scrambled eggs

Saturday, February 24, 2007

This might seem like a stupidly easy thing to post a recipe for but i guarentee the nuber of people who can actually cook scrambled eggs properly are very few and far between. The amount of times i have eaten dry scrambled eggs are too many to count! This will take you literally 3 minutes to make and could not be any easier! Lets face it, if you can't make this you are in big trouble cooking wise!


sourapril said...

Some people like their eggs really really creamy and soft, almost like a sauce. I actually liked your version of scrambled eggs better. It's not running or gooey. Scrambled eggs is hard to master!

blackrain said...

Hi, I was wondering what is the purpose of taking the eggs on and off you didn't mention that in the video, unless I had missed it.

Xitij Ritesh said...

I tried this method this morning before I had to run off to my lab on campus, and I must say, easily the best scrambled eggs I have ever had! So good, I wanted to make them again for lunch! (Held back, because 6 eggs in a day is too much!)

I have a question though: I like a little bit of minced garlic in my eggs; can I add this at the seasoning step? Also, when I added the salt and pepper, and then placed it onto my plate, about a tablespoon of water seemed to appear... Did I add the salt too soon? Should I have cooked longer?

P.S. I made this with margarine, had no butter.

Private Chef said...

good to hear that you have all been having success cooking! The purpose of taking the eggs on and off is so as they don't overcook! Adding a small amount of heat at a time is crucial!

xitij glad to hear it went well for you, although the garlic is unusual it is what you like that matters most, add it at the start to increase the flavour. If water appears from the eggs use a slotted spoon(spoon with holes) to get rid of it!

JP said...

Apparently I've been doing this completely wrong, because your way of making the eggs is 100x better. Good stuff. My mom was impressed.

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