Chicken Tenders(or goujons)

Monday, March 5, 2007

Not so much a recipe today folks but more a cooking technique. eating breaded chicken in either a tender form or as a whole chicken in a chicken Kiev is sadly something that is only ever done in a restaurant or from prepackaged meals. It really is a huge shame as it's a wonderful way to enjoy chicken especially for kids. I think people are scared that it might be hard to do or just go for the more elaborate recipes, but i guarentee you if you make these tenders for friends or kids in a realxed atmosphere they'll forever be begging you for more!


6 chicken breasts
500g breadcrumbs
300g flour
6 eggs
100ml milk
Cajun seasoning
Dried basil leaves


Phil said...

Looks good, gonna have to try this sometime soon.

Martin said...

This sounds nice and easy. And "lecker".
But what is Cajun seasoning?
What are the ingredients?

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