Sour Sop

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Well folks in our day and age it is really very rare to find a fruit or vegetable that you haven't seen before. When you add the fact that i have been a chef for 10 years then the chances are diminished significantly further! Well all i have to say is go and work on a superyacht that travels to far flung parts of the world! That's why i have deceided to start this new section on the site that will introduce you to a new type of ingredient every week! You will find that most suppliers in big cities will be able to hunt these up for you!

I start today with the soursop. I guess the name gives away a bit! It's a large fruit that is found in the Caribbean and South America! I discovered it when shopping in a market in grenada today and loving the excitment of trying something new i bought a couple! after some reasearch i made some nice juice and although a lot of work it really was worth it for the unique and refreshing flavour. Check out the video to learn more!


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