South Beach Sheppard's Pie

Sunday, March 25, 2007

A lot of people these days are becoming more interest in diets and there are no bigger diets that the "South Beach Diet". It basically cuts out Carbs totally which means no rice, pasta, bread, potatoes etc and anybody who has tried it will tell you just how hard that is to achieve! Over the next few weeks i will be giving you all a few South Beach recipes that are a bit more exciting that the normal stuff you read in books! If you're not on a diet at all but want to make this, well go ahead as it really is very easy and delicious even without the potatoes!The beauty of this recipe is that you can whip up a delightful home cooked meal in less than half an hour! Do it!!!And let me know how you got on!

Makes enough for 4 generous portions

1 Pound Minced beef
1 white onion
3 large carrots
2 cloves garlic
3 sprigs thyme
2 table spoons tomato puree
2 table spoons of bisto or similar gravy mix
8oz chopped butternut squash or sweet potato
Dash of cream
salt and pepper
6oz frozen peas
table spoons worstechire suace


John A said...

I tried this dish tonight. However, I forgot to use the thyme, and I have lots of it in the garden. I used sweet potato instead of butternut squash. It tasted great. I will use it again. Thanks.

John Andrews, Knoxville, Tennessee

Private Chef said...

Good man, the thyme gives it a good flavour, next time look out the window!!

Anita said...

Sorry to those wanting a South Beach recipe, but as far as I know carrots, worcestershire sauce, and peas are all out. They're all high glycemic index foods, unfortunately.

But never fear: Off the top of my head, you could substitute chopped sugar snap peas for peas and maybe celery or orange bell pepper for carrots (flavor's different, but the texture'd be there). The amount of worcestershire sauce this calls for is minimal, so you could just go for it, or you could omit it and add 1. more gravy, 2. a dash of dry mustard, or 3. a base (w/o MSG!) to oomph up the flavor. Perhaps another poster will have better substitution ideas.

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