The perfect sandwich

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Well after the last post i'm not sure if you guys are going to take this one seriousily! after such a poor effort last time i though i better show you something a little bit special and i think this sandwich is just that! I'd love it if you could make the bread yourself and the video recipe for it is here but if you don't have time buy a good quality bread from the bakery. Chances are the bread will be just as good from a good shop but the satisfaction that comes from making your own bread is incredible! Don't be scared either all that is involved is flour/water/yeast, believe me you can make it even if you've never even chopped an onion before! Let me know all your thoughts on what would be in your perfect sandwich and where I might have gone wrong! enjoy

Serves 8

Foccacia bread(made yourself or bought)
4 tomatoes
2 packets bacon
1 cup mayo
2 cloves garlic
bunch of fresh basil
1 lemon
cups mild cheddar cheese
4 chicken breasts
1 head of kos salad

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franky said...

I'm a big fan of ifood.
After one week of cheese Sandwitch - the "perfect" Sandwich is just the right thing ;)
Now I know what to make for my girlfriend next time. Thanks a lot! Can't wait for the next episode

Brian said...

I'm curious as to how much the sauce tastes like the mayonnaise its made from. The reason I ask is that while I absolutely hate the taste of mayonnaise, I like most sauces and dishes made with mayonnaise (cole slaw, potato salad, mayonnaise-based salad dressings like ranch or blue cheese dressing) But if I taste the flavor of mayonnaise, I end up sick.

Looks like a tasty sandwich--just concerned about the sauce.

Keep up the great posts--I'm going to try that Foccacia next weekend!

Private Chef said...

Dont worry about the mayo, if you like all those other dressing this will be perfect for you, the lemon and basil cut the taste of it anyway.

Blink Industries said...

This has been a great site so far! I feel like I've been waiting so long since the last episode!

maddz said...

i like to put the bread under the grill for no more than 10 seconds so it just starts to seal the surface and it means any sauce or spread doesnt soak into the bread

suddenly you can taste mayo and the bread rather than just soggy bread..

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