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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Well a break from the norm today guys in that this really isn't a recipe that i would expect any of you to ever make. Since i started this site I've had a couple of requests to send sample videos to TV execs for commisioning a TV series. They gave me the brief that i could cook anything i wanted so instead of doing something very fancy i thought i'd be a real smart ass and make a cheese sandwich. The logic being that if I could make that sound interesting then i could make anything sound interesting! On the other hand they could see the video and think that I'm a nutcase who needs locking up, you decide for yourself!!

You must be joking right?


Jonny B Hollywood said...

you should do it all in one take, and you should look at the camera more.

other than that, looks good

Russell said...

First off, I think you are brilliant. I've enjoyed every post. I might suggest putting the camera on the other side of the cooking island, maybe even on the counter, so that you can look directly in to camera, and your working surface can still be in the frame.

I think your easy relaxed manner and voice modulation is perfect and the encouragement that you give the viewer the entire time which is fantastic.


John A said...

Sometimes the sound was too low. I posted the link to and others made this same comment. My wife didn't think the cheese sandwich was funny. I did.

John Andrews, Knoxville, Tennessee

Nathan said...

I found it entertaining and your rapport with the audience is great. Good luck with the pilot.

Dirty said...

Looks good, but you've got one chance to wow the execs, so go with something more relevant and less cute than the cheese sandwich video.

Reshoot your ribeye video -- it got on Digg, after all! -- with a quick intro about your career as a chef for celebrities on superyachts and include some of the deck-diving and water footage of you and the crew. Don't worry too much about technical production values (sound, number of cuts, etc...), but lay on the personality that you've already demonstrated in your other videos. You'll wow them with substance.

The cheese sandwich video is a good idea, but doing something more relevant and less tongue-in-cheek will do much more to impress the TV execs.

Anali said...

Well, I'm not a tv exec, just a regular blogger who loves food, but I thought it was hilarious. I couldn't stop watching! : )

Sonya said...

How funny are you!!!! I really enjoyed it, You have the right persona for TV and would make a fab presenter.
Im watching your space!

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