The Perfect Hamburger Video

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Well i'll let the video do the talking here. I love burgers and am always looking to find the next "ultimate" one. having been disapointed recently ihave made the perfect one here myself. Let me know what would be in your perfect burger and what you think of this effort.

serves 4

half pound beef fillet
half pound ribeye
1 Onion
10 small tomatoes
Sprig of rosemary
Sprig of thyme
Worchestire sauce
salt and pepper
sweet pickles
1 cup cheddar cheese
12 slices maple bacon
4 hamburger buns


Kyle said... amazing. Although I do hate you a bit. I was totally satisfied food wise when I sat down and started watching it but now I'm so incredibly hungry for that exact burger I have no idea what to do with myself.

harbie too said...

nice one - I'm off to buy some good beef !

Kyle Saric said...

Nahhh this is the first video that I kinda think I could do better myself. I'm not into the whole huge american medium burger thing. I prefer small flat ones really nicely burnt and you used way too much oil in that pan I think it just sogged up the meat...

catalyst0527 said...

Your recipe makes me hungry!
I want to make this hamburger someday in my home.

Do you have another hamburger recipe?
I really want to see. :)

faustenji said...

Awesome, i like whatching u cut stuff and move your hands in that "profesional way"... i'm from italy and here if i want hamburger we only have shit from mc donalds, so i'll try to do yours...thanks buy!

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