Spiced beef skewers with goat's for the sports event

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Let's face it about 70% of guys can't cook or have never tried! Shame on us! So i thought i'd try and tempt a few of you into the kitchen with a really really simple recipe that you can cook for your buddies during a sports event. The beauty is you can make it before hand and just bang it in the oven 5 minutes before you need it! Serve this with a store bought dip like sweet chili sauce and you really have no excuse for not making it. Just watch your mate's mouth's drop when you whisk these out at half time!!

P.s With risk of sounding sexist women could of course make these and a lot of women do watch sport!

Half pound ground beef
3 cloves garlic
2 sprigs rosemary chopped
1 onion chopped
pinch cumin
pinch paprika
pinch dry ginger
third of a cup of goat's cheese


lynchtp said...

Another great video.
Thanks Nial.

What part(s) of Ireland is the filming going to be from?

I would love to see you preparing a Spiced Beef on the site. It would be great to introduce the world to the Cork Christmas Culinary Tradition.

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