The 3 best meals of 2007

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Being a food lover I always try and remember the best meal I have had in the past year and with the list of places I have filled my belly ranging from Miami, Barbados, New York, London, to the south of France and Mexico there were some interesting contenders this year. When talking about the best meal I don't necessarily mean a fine dining meal created by master chefs in opulent surroundings! A great dining experience is made up of many things including ambiance, location, the company and food to name but a few. I had a tough time choosing the final 3 but here they are...

3.Fresh lobster in Tabago keys

Wasn't really sure if i should put this one in here or not as i actually cooked it myself but there is no doubt it was one of the favourite things I ate in 2007. We were in possibly the most beautiful place I have ever been in the world when a fisherman brought us fresh lobsters that he had caught around the corner. He literally pulled them out and 5 minutes later they were wriggling on the chopping board. I cooked them very simply in boiling water and we all ate them in the baking sun with our fingers and a glass of white wine. I could taste the natural flavours and will remember that flavour for the rest of my life!

2.Nobu on Miami Beach

I had heard a lot about Nobu and actually used their books quite a lot over the years so when i actually got the chance to eat in one of their Establishments earlier this year my expectations were met in every possible way! After a hard day off spent lounging on Miami beach followed by a couple of cocktails the scene was set for an amazing meal. The beautiful thing about the food was that you left feeling light and refreshed not bloated and tired! Great people watching, incredible flavours and a location to die for!

1.Cheeseburger and chips in St Maarten

This was probably one of the cheapest and unhealthiest meals that i had all year yet totally and utterly satisfying and a winner by a clear mile, let me set the scene....
It was early January and i had just finished a 2 week charter that started on the 23rd December and finished on the 3rd January, not only was i working 20 hour days for 2 weeks but I also had to work on Xmas day and New Year's eve cooking for the most demanding people i have ever met! They had me up at 3 in the morning making them cookies and basically being the biggest bunch of divas I have ever come across! So at the end of two weeks i was nearly a broken man and the only consolation was the fact that they left us a big fat tip! One of us had the brilliant plan of going to a beach bar we knew well where the planes go about 20 feet over the bar for a few drinks as soon as they got off. We arrived in the bar and they had just started a barbecue and i ordered a basket of cheeseburger and chips and a beer. I took my seat to watch the sunset and as i took my first bite I heard a plane revving up, it then appeared above us and they were gone! I swear I have never ever tasted anything as good! Amazing how many factors come into creating the perfect meal!
What was you favourite meal in 2007?


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