Chicken Run and Jamie's Fowl Dinners

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I have to agree like most people these two programmes shown recently on Channel 4 in the UK opened my eyes to the terrible conditions chickens are forced to live in across the UK and Ireland. I had a fair idea that they weren't exactly skipping through the Meadows or living a fulfilling life but to have the conditions they are forced to live in beamed into my living room last week was an eye opener. I think it is a very noble cause that Jamie and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall have embarked upon by I do harbour a few reservations...

What annoys me these days is that every chef seems to have to find a new cause every year that whips up a public outcry! Now the cynic in me is telling me that this is more about the bottom line and book sales rather than a lifelong passion for the chosen cause. I would like to say that MR Whittingstall would be the one exception to this rule, i think that he is a truly passionate foodie and deserves praise for what he does. His success and book sales are simply a byproduct of his passion and knowledge which he fully deserves.

See the thing is these campaigns do work for a short period of time but there are factors, usually economic, that make these practices common place worldwide. I was recently in a well known supermarket where 2 organic chicken breasts were 11 euros. Can a single mother on benefits afford that? No. Would she rather buy a whole battery raised chicken for 5 euros, a bottle of wine and still have some change? Yes!

See its all very well these chefs who earn 6 and 7 figure sums per year lofitly preaching to us about what we should and shouldn't eat but when you earn 1500 euros a month and have 3 kids to feed you can stick your free range up your arse! How about these chefs started showing us recipes that use simple organic ingredients that are under a tenner and feed a family of 4! On second thoughts here is one to start you off! You'll find the ingredients list here on iFoods and i'll leave the decision on what type of bird you want to use up to you!


Sarah said...

What people need are cooking lessons so they can find out how to get the most out of their ingrerdients. I buy a free range chicken from waitrose for £5.48 and I get two meals out of for two of us (and we eat large portions) and then I make stock with the carcass. I never buy just chicken portions on their own as it works out far too expensive. Some of these people were having two large chickens a week, surely they don't need to have that and could make more meals padded out with fresh vegetables.

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