Most Expensive Meals Ever

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Dome Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand recently served up what was billed as the most expensive meal ever sold. The six chefs who prepared this expensive meal were flown in from France, Germany and Italy. The ingredients were flown in from all over the world and nothing was spared in making this the most unbelievable banquet ever
witnessed! After 10 courses, prepared by some of the most famous chefs in the world, each accompanied by its own rare wine, each diner was presented with a bill for one million Thai baht. That's about $30,000, and the tax and tip were not included.

The Dome in Bangkok where the meal took place

Worth every penny, Italian chef Heinz Winkler told the Associated Press.

"I believe the diners tonight will experience a culinary level unseen before," he told the AP.

Nothing was overlooked. Even the wine pairings were carefully thought out. About $200,000 of some of the finest wines in the world, including rare Rothschild estate wines, considered some of the best of the last century, were included, according to Britain's Guardian newspaper. The menu also featured some of the best French champagnes.

Now I don't want to burst their bubble but i have actually cooked a far more expensive meal than that before! When I was working on a super yacht that was over 100m(330 feet) in length and cooking for some very rich and very well known clients that record meal was made to look like a bargain! We had two guests arriving and they forwarded their list of preferences for their short stay on the boat which included caviar, Kobe beef, fois gras and a huge selection of fine wines and champagnes. I ordered the food and it was delivered to the boat (mostly by helicopter as we were out at sea awaiting their arrival) and when the supplier arrived with a bill for $88,000 none of us flinched as a)this is fairly standard on a boat that size b)it wasn't my money and my life wouldn't be worth living if their favourite caviar wasn't on board!

A 100m yacht similar to the one I was working on for the $88,000 meal

So you have already done the math I am sure and worked out that my meal easily tops the Bangkok meal at $44,000 per person but the story doesn't end there! One of the guests had a change of heart at the last minute and didn't fancy the boat option and redirected the private jet to the Caribbean! So basically it was an $88,000 meal that was happily shared not by 2 famous guests but by 20 very happy crew members!


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