McDonalds Subliminal Advertising

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

We all know that advertising is a huge industry and that the advertising of food products makes up a huge part of that industry. We also know that advertisers are looking for increasingly creative ways to target the ever more elusive consumer. Of particular interest to advertising execs is subliminal advertising and they might just have cracked it already by the looks of this video! For those of you living outside the USA, Iron Chef is one of the biggest food programmes in the country and watched by millions every week. Watch this video and make your own mind up! Could it just be in innocent mistake? I don't think so!


Dave Himself said...

I would say VERY likely a production error. And we know it is surely NOT subliminal advertising because it is plainly visible to the conscious mind. Have a look at the rest of the episode. See if there is a McDees ad that opens or closes with that red slate. That would help explain things. And does the "flash" land in a spot that could be construed as a place for commercial placement. Or, just run with "OH MY GAWD SUBLIMINAL ADVERTISING" its certainly worth more web traffic than the facts.

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