What a difference a year makes!!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

A year ago I was sitting in the middle of the Caribbean on a boat with a couple of days to spare as I was waiting for guest to arrive. With bad weather outside and all the DVDs exhausted I thought I would try something practical and use my small picture camera to film a recipe and post it on a blog. Here is the first video and as you can see it is a pretty simplistic affair coupling my own poor editing skills with shoddy camera work!
I thought it would be fun to post the odd recipe but nobody could have predicted where it has led just one year later! The blog pretty much exploded over night with one video for "The Perfect Steak" receiving 50,000 hits alone and 2 months later I had quit my job on the luxury yacht to come back to Ireland and set up the site and film videos with a film crew!

A few months after launching and you can now see our videos throughout the world on partner sites and on iFoods itself where people now upload their own videos and photos and we are building a community for foodies! With videos appearing on mobile phones in the USA at the start of March things are certainly moving pretty fast! The next year should also be very exciting with plans for cocktail and wine videos along with some other exciting developments that are under wraps at the moment but you will all be first to hear about! Thanks for sticking with iFoods from the very first days!


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