iFoods Picks up 3rd

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Post by iFoods.tv CEO Sean Fee

It’s been a long week of travelling and celebrating because we were named 3rd best European web2.0 startup at an awards in Barcelona on the 21st of May! Had an absolute nightmare journey to the event but it was all worth it to meet some really great people, see some really great projects and, of course, pick up the prize. I ended up arriving to the event 5 minutes before the presentations started looking like a red-faced ball of sweat (I know, not pretty but we’re talking the heat in Spain mixed with the fact I had to make an hour and a half journey in 50 minutes!) and 25 minutes minutes later I had to present iFoods to the judges (There was a fellow Irishman in Tom Raftery on the panel which for some reason settled my nerves a little) and the audience. The presentation went quite well apart from a few minor technical glitches (believe me I was one of the lucky ones). I’d also have to say I was at a distinct advantage being a native English speaker, if I’d have had to do that in a second language the sweat would have started to pump again, so fair play to all the presenters who aren’t as fluent as I am in English.
Long story short, iFoods came third in the contest behind Zilok who came first and unltdworld who pipped us to second. I have to say that we were delighted and surprised to come in the top 3 and especially to be alongside such great projects. Zilok is a website which allows you to rent from your neighbours in an ebay like fashion which I can see making serious waves across the internet, unfortunately it’s not available in Ireland yet. Unltdworld is a project which I think has great potential and a great sentiment behind it. At unltdworld you can build a profile and make friends like on most social networks but this one is dedicated to the social entrepreneurs of this world, the entrepreneurs who not only look to build successful companies but who also hope to give something back to society whilst they make their millions. I felt a particular connection with unltdworld because we’re hoping to build iFoods into a company that does a lot of charity work and makes lives better and I’ve already created my profile on it.
After the event I had to drop my car at my hotel before heading out to meet everyone for dinner and of course I got lost around Barcelona, like a typical bloke calling back to Dublin to have a friend direct me over the phone rather than asking a stranger for directions, and ended up missing the dinner. I Had a flight to London the next day at 9am (an hour a half from Barcelona) so it was probably for the best anyway, I heard there were a few sore heads in the morn.


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