Faceparty hits back at its users

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I just saw this post by Mike Butcher on Techcrunch UK and thought it was worth a mention. I feel sorry for these guys, they're trying to add value to their service and increase the user experience and all they get is grief for it. It just shows how the net is changing and it's users are becoming more demanding all the time. Because of the valuations being put on the facebooks and myspaces of this world people automatically assume all websites have the capabilities to deal with thousands of e-mails/requests a day, luckily at iFoods we haven't reached the thousands a day yet but we get our fair share. By the way, Mike Butcher of Techcrunch is in Dublin tonight for a Techludd/Techcrunch event in No.4 Dame Lane so if you're interested in stopping by register for it here


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