iFoods on RTE news discussing recession

Thursday, June 26, 2008

With news of a recession in Ireland being officially announced this week we were approached by RTE(RTE 6 News on Friday evening) news to film a piece on how tech might be one of the sectors that could ride it out and possibly prosper during a recession. With the Irish economy heading into some very choppy waters the tech sector might be the one saving grace. The problem with the Celtic Tiger is that a lot of the phenomenal growth we have seen has been based on the construction sector and with the slowdown kicking in we need to find other ways of growing our economy. I am a firm believer that as a country there are a lot of positive things happening and they we are very well positioned to ride this out. It is vital that we diversify our economy and tech is an industry that is crucial to our overall success. Not only do we have some of the biggest companies already here in Ireland due to our low corporation taxes but we also have some incredibly exciting and innovative people working on exciting projects that will help fuel the economy and create more jobs and wealth on our little island. As an example of the great things happening in Ireland here are some of my favourite innovative sites in Ireland that I am tipping to make it big over the next 12 months......

Louder Voice

A very cool review site that well known blogger Conor O'Neill is building

Tom Raftery
Although not a site or product Tom is a well respected social media expert who's blog makes great reading. Any Irish person who shows up in 6th place on google when you type in "Tom" has to be doing something right!

A very cool site that allows you to store lots of personal data online. Joe Drumgoole runs this company that is making waves internationally and that I personally think will go to a whole new level in the next 12 months


For those of you familiar with twitter you will find this service invaluable and you will be hearing a lot more about this service and it's creator Pat Phelan


Conor O'Neill said...

Blushing as I type. Thanks for the vote of confidence. We have a clatter of things to announce in the coming weeks, particularly for other web-sites who want to display reviews of their products and services.

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