World's most Expensive Burger

Friday, June 20, 2008

Price $170 (£95)

Japanese Beef
White Truffles
Tempura of onions in Cristal Champagne
Pata Negra prosciutto

As you will all realise at this stage I am always on the hunt for the perfect burger after the hunt started about 2 years ago while I became facinated in the caribbean after eating a burger that was very near to perfection in a small beach hut in St Maarten. One of the first recipes that we ever filmed for and one that was always going to make the cut was for the perfect burger and it was heavily researched with as many experts consulted as possible to ensure we came up with something amazing. That was a year ago and although happy with the video I am always monitoring the burger horizon for other great burgers and ways to improve on what we have already. We recently added videos from our partner CHOW and I was very interested to see their take on the Perfect Hamburger as it gave a great insight into the American angle of the debate. Now today I have just been reading about an incredible new hamburger that has burst on to the scene in London and could be trying to steal the limelight from burgers all over the world. This incredible burger costs a whopping 95 pounds and has me thinking about flying over there for lunch today.


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