What a Weekend

Monday, July 7, 2008

Following a weekend of incredible display of athletic abilities we are unsure as to who we are more impressed by. Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer's incredible performance in the Wimbledon final, or Joey Chestnut and Tekuru Kobayashi immense ingestion at Nathan's 93rd Hot Dog Eating Contest. Nadal endured for 4 hours and 48 minutes to emerge victorious over 5 time Wimbledon Champ Roger Federer in what was probably the greatest tennis final ever seen. On Friday in Coney Island, Joey "The Jaws" Chestnut stepped up against Tekuru "Tsunami" Kobayashi to try to prove that last years victory over 6 time champion in Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest was no fluke. Amazingly after the new 10minute time limit both competitors were tied on 59 hot dogs, but still hungry for more. Chestnut took the title after a 5 hot dog eat off. We see in both events a change of the guards, a new era and a bright future for both new champions. Rumours are already circulating that Nadal, who began to eat his tropy immediatly after it was presented to him plans to quit tennis and join the competitive eating circuit. Bad news for the likes of Chestnut. Nadal to win the hot dog eating contest in 2009? Watch this space!
Here at iFoods we are taking a break from competitive eating and over indulgence in general. Hot Dogs take a back seat to fresh fish and vegetables. Take a look at our delicious Salmon with New Potatoes and Asparagus. Very healthy and guaranteed to impress.


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