Cilantro Lovers Unite

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I love cilantro, I cook with it all the time and feel that some meals just cannot be made without it. Much to my surprise I found that there is a strong, vocal and growing anti cilantro faction (they even have a website As a chef, I find picky eaters among the most difficult people to deal with. I have found though that most peoples dislikes are psychological and they can generally be turned, knowingly or not. I have recently learned however that a dislike of cilantro is generally genetic and probably an allergy. To these unfortunate souls, cilantro is likely to taste like soap flakes, blood or ear wax to name a few possibilities. Luckily I don't experience this, but I wouldn't wish it upon anyone either. I just hope they are working on a cure for this horrible illness.
One of the lists it featured on, entitled gross foods included blueberries, maple syrup, oysters, eggs, mushrooms and sour cream among others. Perhaps I'm losing touch with the common man, but without these ingredients the world would be a darker place. Opinions please... am I alone? Do others share hatred for these wonderful foods?
For the fortunate among you who love cilantro, enjoy our member submitted recipes here.


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